CRISTIAN CORSINI knows audio. When he moved from his native Italy to Brisbane in 2009, his music career began to flourish. He started collaborating with notable musicians, won an MVMU award, and was even nominated at the Australian Independent Music Awards for two music videos. But shortly after, his career hit a standstill: a shoulder injury forced him to put guitar on the back-burner to focus on rehabilitation. Coping with two surgeries
and bouts of depression, Corsini had hit rock bottom.

“I thought I would spend that time improving my skills in something else,” he explained. “So I polished all my sound engineering skills and set up a home studio.”

Today, robust and revitalized, Corsini has reemerged as a musical polymath. Not only is he a professional guitarist, he’s an engineer and producer with a slew of technical skills – including mixing and mastering, studio soundproofing, and advanced room acoustic analysis. His goal is to help provide a better studio environment for musicians, enabling their creativity to thrive.

Focusing on all genres and skill levels, Corsini is on a mission to redefine home studio services, while actively performing himself. His alt-rock solo project Out of Odds, likened to acts such as Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, and Dead Letter Circus, has material in the works for a debut EP.

Whether it’s recording his own music or helping others bring out the best in theirs, his objective is clear.